Jiffy Airkraft JL-6 White Bubble Lined Mailer 320mm x 460mm

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Short description:
  • Bubble lined white bag, ideal size for larger than A4 documents or thick brochures.
  • External Size 315mm x 450mm
  • Internal Size 295mm x 435mm

Jiffy White Size JL6 and is classed by Royal Mail as a Packet size.

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Mail your items safely with these lightweight bubble-lined featherpost bags, suitable for sending large catalogues or for sending boxes of components. These Jiffy bags are ideal for larger books and gifts such as boxes of chocolate! This Jiffy Bag size JL6 is equivalent to the Arofol size 8 and featherpost size J.

We sell these bubble envelopes to a number of different types of businesses in volume - everyone from occasional eBay sellers through to global mail order companies - allowing us to provide the products to you at a great price.

This range of Jiffy Bubble mailing bags have been specifically sized to ensure compliance with the current royal mail guidelines while maintaining the highest quality mailing bags - they offer great quality but for a cheaper price than our competitors.

  • External Size 320mm x 460mm
  • Internal Size 295mm x 445mm

Royal Mail Pricing

Royal Mail Sizing Information
Royal Mail Pricing by Size PDF

This Bubble mailing bag can be classed as a Large Letter (up to 25mm thickness) or Packet

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