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Jiffy White Size JL4
Jiffy White Size JL4
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Mail your items safely with these lightweight bubble-lined featherpost bags, suitable for sending an A4 size booklet or magazine. This size G is equivalent to the Jiffy Mail Miser Size 4, Jiffy Mail Lite Size 4 and also is equivalent to the Arofol size 4.

We sell these bubble envelopes to a number of different types of businesses in volume – everyone from occasional ebay sellers through to large mail order companies – allowing us to provide the products to you at a great price.

The range of Featherpost bags have been specifically sized to ensure compliance with the current royal mail guidelines while maintaining the highest quality mailing bags – they offer great quality but for a cheaper price than Jiffy bags.

* External Size 270mm x 335mm
* Internal Size 245mm x 320mm

Royal Mail Pricing

Royal Mail Sizing Information
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Size G Featherpost is classed as a Packet size.



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