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Jiffy Printplus
Whatever you need to promote in print you can now add to its impact with Jiffy PrintPlus .

Jiffy PrintPlus is a sophisticated and highly effective communication tool. Jiffy mailers that deliver your goods so securely can now promote your business, inform your customers, provide information or guidelines, or even add a Business Reply Service if you wish.

With a minimum order quantity of only 100 mailers you can add logos and signature lines, brand messages, photographic images and sketches to promote actions, and to moticate responses. Single and four colour process options are available, both offering the oppertunity for impressive design options. With Jiffy PrintPlus you are able to emphasise, motivate, enthuse or embellish any message.

Jiffy is the trusted name for protective mailers, recognises across the UK and Europe for strength, versatility and unmatched quality. If your need is to ship mechanical or electrical components, gifts or promotional items, books or spare parts, in fact, anything that needs to be protected in transit, you know that across the range of Jiffy there is exactly the right one for your requirements.

What do we need?
All we need is your logo(s) and any other images in high resolution* (min 300dpi), your text in the font desired, the selected mailer type, colour and size. You then indicate by use of the referenced locations shown on the 'Layout' graphic where you wish the design to be set and we do the rest.

The communicate your message you may want to use your logo, text, a brand name, photographic image, tag line or instruction. Whatever the format Printplus will ensure the message is communicated professionally and effectively to the audience. Jiffy PrintPlus is available in Airkraft, Mailmiser, Superlite and Jiffy Padded Bag.

*We accept PDF, tiff or eps formats. For single colour options we can offer a 4 colour process to match pantone colours.

Jiffy printplus mailers examples

Printing Guidelines

Getting your mailers printed is a very easy process

Printed Jiffy bubble lined mailers
It is important to note that the print area is to the front of the mailer, excluding the mailer flap and the area within 15mm of the edge. The maximum print area width is 215mm.
Should you have any questions please contact the office on 01294 313348 and we do our best to help.

For more information on how to order, or to talk to someone about your needs, please contact the office and one of our friendly helpful staff will try and assist you in any way that they can.

Online Catalogue |  Jiffy PrintPlus®

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